PMS On-premise

On-premise or hosted
property management system

protel SPE/MPE is the right choice for businesses who need or want data on-property or within their own data center. Hosting services from Xn protel are also a favored route for protel SPE/MPE customers.

Use an internationally proven, feature rich PMS that’s trusted worldwide by over 8,000 customers. Then seamlessly connect to all the other systems you need. Empower staff, increase profits and support the growing needs of your business. Strengthen your brand through the creation and delivery of exceptional, personalized guest experiences.

Know what’s going on. Know your guests.
Raise efficiency. Boost profits and revenues.

Seamless and automated guest journey
Open up the world of mobile for staff and guests
Real-time tracking of housekeeping and maintenance
Fully integrated Sales and Catering modules
Powerful, user-driven business intelligence and reporting on the fly
Room booking made easier

Powerful support for all departmental activities

Mature, internationally proven hotel property management


protel SPE/MPE:

  • PCI compliant
  • Installed locally or hosted
  • Single and multi-property options
  • Seamless and automated guest journey, pre-stay to post-departure
  • Multiple interfaced web booking options
  • Interfaced GDS and channel management
  • Mobile apps for staff and guests
  • Seamless interfacing to all major third party systems
  • Benefits over 20 year’s hotel management systems experience

Supported by decades of knowledge

Backed by outstanding customer service that includes:

  • Integration and development
  • Training
  • Support configuration
  • Data conversion

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